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Farm Aid Family Farm Disaster Fund
Feeding America
We believe that the best cooking is home cooking.
We believe home cooking helps build families, friendships and communities.
We believe that ingredients are best when grown and harvested in a sustainable way.

We back this up by donating 10% of all profit to food based organizations, starting with the Farm Aid Family Farm Disaster Fund and Feeding America.

We are a husband a wife team, Stephen and Alisha Rylander.

We love food, cooking, baking and entertaining friends and family. We’ve never been satisfied with the tools available to track what we make - more or less, remember the tasty thing we made last fall this fall. Once kids showed up it became even more difficult.

We have books, notes, magazines, printouts - too much to handle. And we didn’t need recipe software - we needed a way to simply track the recipes - not waste our time typing ingredients into a computer. So, we built our own app and liked it so much we decided to open it up to a wider audience and 4teaspoons was born.

We’d love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to reach us here.

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