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You have great recipes-
find them when you need them.
Introducing 4tsp, the easiest way to track your recipes.
Easy to get started:
Add a recipe card with location: web address, book, magazine, card box, etc.
Tag it & add your notes
Search and browse through your cards while never losing another recipe.
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We are also constantly on the lookout for great recipes, good food and exceptional restaurants.
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We support:
We support their missions by donating 10% of our profit.
Farm Aid Family Farm Disaster Fund
Feeding America

How 4tsp Works:
  • Enter online recipe addresses and 4tsp will save it forever using our Provenance technology.
  • Use your smartphone to get access to your favorite online recipes while on the go
  • Quickly find your recipe locations across cook books and magazines - tag recipe then include periodical name and volume/page number
  • Categorize and tag your recipes anyway you want - maybe by season, key ingredient or ethnicity - whatever you want, it’s your choice
  • Save recipes to make in the future - use our try later tag
  • Make your menu planning quick, easy and efficient!


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What is Provenance technology?

Simply, it means, that when you give 4tsp a URL to a recipe on the web, Provenance will
take a snapshop of the page, save it and record when it was saved. Similar to how a
work of art has a provenance.

This gives you, the cutomer and cook/baker/drink-maker a way to keep the actual recipe
and not just a link to a recipe that may disappear one day.

A backup of a recipe from the web is worth a lot more than just a link, easier to use then
print outs and more flexible then using a propriertary food site's "recipe box".